Veneers in Pomona, CA

What Happens to Teeth under Veneers

June 1, 2023

Many people have dental veneers on their teeth to conceal dental flaws impacting their smile, and many more want to get them to improve their appearance. Getting dental veneers is a cosmetic procedure, so you may have many questions, like what happens to teeth under surfaces. Here is a detailed review providing answers to your questions.


Before proceeding further, it helps to realize what veneers are and how they function. Next, you can consider different materials dentists use to enhance the appearance of your teeth, with porcelain and composite resin being the most popular. Porcelain veneers resemble ultra-thin shells fabricated for application to the front surface of your tooth. In contrast, composite resin nears are molded onto the tooth's surface to create an artificial façade appearing natural.


Tooth Preparation for Veneers


Tooth preparation for veneers differs depending on whether you want porcelain veneers or composite resin surfaces.


Porcelain veneers in Pomona, CA, require tooth enamel removal before the provider makes impressions of your teeth for the dental laboratory to fabricate your surfaces for bonding over your tooth. The tooth enamel removal process is non-reversible because the enamel cannot regenerate. Porcelain veneers also require a second visit to the dentist three weeks after tooth preparation because the dental lab needs the time to fabricate them.


You receive temporary acrylic veneers over your teeth for protection until you revisit the dentist in Pomona after three weeks to have the porcelain surfaces bonded to your teeth. After removing the temporary veneers, the dentist will attach the porcelain surfaces to your teeth using special dental cement on the tooth's surface. The porcelain veneers go over your teeth after the dentist applies the adhesive to enhance your smile in a couple of visits to their office.


If you prefer to have composite dental veneers near me, the process does not require tooth enamel removal, making it reversible. Instead, the dentist merely etches the tooth's surface needing enhancement before applying the composite resin to the tooth, shaping it before polishing it. Composite resin veneers also appear naturally similar to porcelain veneers.


How Are Your Teeth Affected by Veneers?


Veneers are shells that help improve the appearance of chipped, cracked, discolored, gapped, and uneven teeth impacting your smile to make them appear better. The surfaces are bonded to the front surface of your teeth, leaving the remaining portions of the tooth exposed to your mouth bacteria.


As the dentist merely removes some tooth enamel without touching the nerves and roots, the teeth receiving the veneers are not damaged. Therefore your teeth remain intact because the veneers strengthen the tooth surface. However, it helps if you remember the masks protect the tooth's front surface to make your teeth appear better to complement your smile. The other tooth surfaces remain exposed to attacks by mouth bacteria, making them susceptible to infections like cavities and gum disease. Therefore even after enhancing tooth appearance by getting porcelain or composite resin veneers, you must continue caring for your dental health and include regular visits to the Pomona dentist for dental checkups and cleanings.


If your teeth sustain damage due to infections resulting from dental plaque buildup on the veneered teeth, it confirms you are negligent with your dental hygiene practices and avoids brushing twice daily, flossing once, and visiting your dentist for regular assessments. In addition, problems like cavities developing on your veneered teeth will require replacements of the surfaces at considerable costs because the dentist must remove the shells before treating the tooth and replacing a new cover on the tooth. Therefore, while the veneers themselves will not damage your teeth, your mouth bacteria can harm them, making you need faster replacements for the surfaces than you imagine.


Caring for Your Veneered Teeth


Dental care is essential whether you have veneered teeth or teeth without them. Dental veneers, whether porcelain or composite resin, are slimy shells bonded to the front surface of your teeth, predominantly used for biting, making them susceptible to chipping and cracking. In addition, dental plaque can accumulate around the veneered teeth making it essential to care for the teeth with surfaces appropriately.


Caring for veneers does not require additional investments in special tools. However, after making considerable investments to improve your smile, it helps if you make extra efforts to clean your teeth as your dentist recommends and refrain from biting crunchy and hard foods with your front teeth for fear of damaging the shells. You must also refrain from using your teeth as tools because they can damage the surfaces.


If the veneers receive the care needed, they will remain on your teeth for a decade or two decades depending on whether you have porcelain or composite resin surfaces, without damaging your teeth but making them appear beautiful and helping you boost your confidence.


If you want to cover dental defects impacting your smile, Pomona Dental Practice provides veneers in Pomona to help you achieve your goal. The shells will not damage your teeth but beautify them to help you show a beautiful smile. If you desire them on your teeth, please meet with them to determine which surfaces you would like to have on your teeth.