Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Pomona, CA

We’ve all likely heard of dental crowns before, but you need to get one to know what they are for. Dental crowns are quite common in dentistry, but there’s much more to them than you might think. A dental crown is used to protect your teeth and is not necessarily a cosmetic procedure (though crowns do restore the look of your tooth as well). Opting not to get a dental crown when you need one could put not just your damaged tooth at risk of further damage but could risk the rest of your teeth as well.

If you have a broken tooth, you can contact our dentist at Pomona Dental Practice in Pomona, CA, to ask about your options for getting a crown. Don’t take a risk with your oral health. Stop in and get a crown to protect your damaged tooth today.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an appliance put on by your dentist. It is also sometimes called a tooth cap. Crowns are placed on teeth that have become broken or cracked unless the damage is too severe or the tooth has broken off below the gumline.

Crowns can be moulded to fit the natural shape of the tooth that is broken. The dentist near you takes a scan of the tooth and it is sent off to the lab and the crown is made in a few days. At Pomona Dental Practice, we typically use full porcelain crown with no metal that are extremely resistant even in the posterior teeth.

After the dentist takes a mold of the tooth and it is sent off to the lab, the crown is made within a few days. It is possible to get crowns made on the same day if necessary, but these are typically cheaper and less durable than a custom-made crown because the materials used differ from a custom crown. Patients can choose how they want it made.