Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Pomona, CA

If you’ve lost some of your teeth and are wondering how to fix it, consider Pomona Dental Practice in Pomona, CA, and our dental implant options. Dental implants have become one of the most popular options for tooth restoration thanks to the fact that they are now much more widely available for patients with tooth loss than in the past. Thanks to new technology, it is now possible for nearly anyone who has suffered tooth loss to get multiple implants at one time. Even full mouth restoration is possible thanks to bone grafts and different implant options. Above all, there are many benefits to choosing dental implants compared to other dental treatments like bridges and dentures.

Getting dental implants is a serious decision and a major investment, so if you live in Pomona, CA, it is a good idea to speak with one of our dentists at Pomona Dental Practice first and make sure that you make the right choice for your unique situation. We have different types of implants and even combination options that combine implants with other dental treatments to suit your needs or comfort level.

One of the primary reasons that so many patients choose dental implants over dentures because it’s a fixed solution. If you’re comfortable with the amount of time it takes to get implants and needs oral surgery, getting dental implants is an amazing investment.

Another benefit of getting dental implants compared to other options is that dental implants bond with the jawbone and eventually become a natural part of your mouth. They feel more natural than most dental treatments, and once integrated with the bone. You can’t put a price on the comfort and strength provided by implants, and you won’t find anything comparable with other treatments.

Transform Your Smile in a Flash with Same-Day Crowns over Implants at Pomona Dental Practice!

Missing a tooth? Discover the magic of dental implants, the permanent, natural-looking solution to reclaim your complete smile. Say goodbye to the traditional, drawn-out process of getting crowns over implants, which could leave you waiting and wanting for weeks. At Pomona Dental Practice, we’re revolutionizing smiles with our cutting-edge same-day CEREC crowns over implants service. We ensure you step out with a brilliantly restored smile in just one appointment.

From the moment we place your dental implant, our advanced CEREC technology kicks into high gear, designing a tailor-made crown that’s the perfect companion for your new implant. Crafted on the spot from premium, aesthetically pleasing ceramic, your crown is attached securely to your implant on the very same day. Why wait to welcome back your confident smile?

Don’t put your smile on hold! Dial Pomona Dental Practice today at 909-482-4501 and book your visit for an instant smile upgrade with our same-day CEREC crown over implant service. Your dazzling new smile awaits!