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Endodontic Treatment in Pomona, CA

Going to a root canal specialist can feel difficult and stressful. At Pomona Dental Practice, you are in safe hands. We provide endodontic treatment to our patients in a compassionate and caring atmosphere. We are devoted to salvaging and saving natural teeth using today’s innovative endodontic procedures and treatments.

A proper diagnosis comes first in our treatment. Our professional effort aims to maximize the chances of successfully saving the patient’s teeth. Additionally, Dr. Yvonne Shu-Rodriguez in Pomona, CA, provides high dental care standards, she has taken advanced training in endodontic treatment. Our endodontic treatment options include the following:

  • Root Canal Therapy – Once a tooth is heavily infected or inflamed in its pulp, a root canal treatment is the best choice. The tooth should be cleaned of bacteria and sealed to prevent reinfection. Our dentists removes the diseased or damaged pulp and carefully cleans out the area. After that, the hole is disinfected to kill bacteria and germs. Gutta-percha material fills the canals and seals the tooth. The dentist may fit a crown for extra protection.
  • Endodontic Retreatment – After the first root canal procedure, your tooth may develop issues again. Our endodontist may consider doing a retreatment. The procedure involves taking out the filling material used initially in the previous root canal procedure. The dentist removes the infection, cleans the canals, and reshapes them. A new filling is then placed. A provisional filling is applied to help seal the opening when the tooth is healing.

Find out about endodontic treatment at Pomona Dental Practice in Pomona, CA. Our dentist near you will explain the procedures to you.