Extractions in Pomona, CA

When you hear the word “extraction” at your local Pomona Dental Practice, you may think it is scary or invasive. Extraction is just the dental term for pulling a tooth; more often than not, extraction is only done when necessary. Dentists work to save teeth and only remove them as a last resort or to make room for dental implants or dentures. Still, sometimes our teeth are damaged and can’t be saved. This leads to the dentist having to extract a tooth. Understanding the types of extractions at Pomona Dental Practice in Pomona, CA, and why they are sometimes necessary will make it easier to know what to do if you must perform an extraction.

What Are the Types of Extractions, and Why Are They Done?

The two types of extractions are simple extraction and complex or surgical extraction. A simple extraction is the most basic.

Complex extractions are less likely to occur but generally require an oral surgeon’s help. These are done when a tooth is damaged and cannot be extracted by hand. The most common type of complex extraction is wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth need to be removed from most people’s mouths to make room for the rest of a person’s teeth. Wisdom teeth often need to be cut out of the gum to be removed because of their size and the fact that they tend not to erupt through the gum all the way. Wisdom teeth have been known to erupt through the gum sideways or stay dormant in the gum for years, which can cause all sorts of health problems if left untreated. This is why dentists typically order a tooth removed if it is going to cause problems.