Fillings in Pomona, CA

We try hard to ensure that our teeth stay in great shape, but even with good oral hygiene, it can always be hard to prevent damage to our teeth. The average adult has 3 to 4 cavities meaning that most people also have 3 to 4 fillings in their mouths. When our teeth are damaged and a cavity forms, filling in Pomona, CA, is the best way to restore. No one should be ashamed of having to get a filling, fillings are an important part of dental care, and there are several options when getting a filling depending on where the filling needs to be placed and how you want it to look when complete. Pomona Dental Practice offers dental fillings in Pomona, CA, to all patients that want to protect their teeth from further decay and damage due to cavities.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings?

At Pomona Dental Practice, we offer two types of fillings: composite resin and amalgam.

Composite resin is used in different dental appliances because it is malleable and can be shaped to the dentist’s needs. The dentist at Pomona Dental Practice will usually install resin in areas where the filling is easily visible. Patients prefer the aesthetic look of these less visible fillings.

Amalgam fillings are more visible. Dentists will place these in back teeth and areas where they are less likely to be seen when a patient smiles. Another reason that dentists use amalgam fillings on the back teeth because they are much more durable and can withstand the pressure of chewing better than resin fillings. This allows patients to chew and eat the foods they love more confidently without worrying about damaging a filling or losing one.