General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Pomona, CA

Are you looking for a reliable dentist near you for your treatments? If so, Pomona Dental Practice has you covered. We have various dental services, from procedures like root canals to treatments for gum disease that help keep your teeth healthy.

Root Canals in Pomona, CA

Root canals are dental procedures used to treat infected or damaged tooth pulp. It’s typically accompanied by pain, sensitivity, and swelling. The procedure involves the dentist removing the damaged or infected pulp. They will then clean and disinfect the tooth before using a filling to seal it. A crown is placed over the tooth to protect and restore its function. With proper care, a treated tooth can last a lifetime and prevent the need for extraction or other dental procedures.

Gum Disease Treatment for Healthier Teeth

Gum disease is a dental problem that can eventually lead to tooth loss if not treated. That’s why most dentists emphasize seeking prompt treatment early to treat it and prevent further damage effectively. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, and coming in for regular dental check-ups are also key in helping prevent gum disease and maintaining healthier teeth and gums.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a standard dental procedure to remove a dead or decaying tooth. It involves numbing the area with a local anesthetic, so patients can rest easy knowing it’ll be a pain-free experience. Patients may be given pain medication, but most will return to their normal routine the following day.

Emergency Dental Care Near You

Seeking prompt emergency dental care is crucial in a dental emergency. Dental issues that typically require immediate treatment are a severe toothache, knocked-out, or a broken or chipped tooth. Waiting on the problem can worsen the situation and may even result in tooth loss or other complications. Coming in for emergency dental care will reduce the likelihood of complications arising and relieve you of your pain and discomfort.

Pomona Dental Practice is your go-to dental clinic for prompt and effective dental care. Call us now to arrange your next appointment at a dental clinic near you.